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Tired of Managing Everything Yourself?

Let us handle the time-consuming tasks, while you focus on what really matters: growing your business. From administrative support to customer service, social media management to bookkeeping, our skilled virtual assistants have got you covered.

Struggling to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

The life of a startup owner or entrepreneur can often become all-consuming, leaving little room for personal time, family, or self-care. Our virtual assistants can help you reclaim your personal life. We'll handle your business tasks, allowing you to balance work demands with your own well-being.

Customer Queries Piling Up?

When customer emails, phone calls, and social media messages go unanswered, your business reputation takes a hit. But our trained virtual assistants can help. We handle your customer service with a friendly, professional approach, ensuring your customers always feel heard and valued.

Finding it Hard to Stay Active on Social Media?

In today's digital age, maintaining an active online presence is crucial for any business. But it can be time-consuming to plan content, post regularly, and engage with followers. That's where our virtual assistants come in. We can manage your social media profiles, engage with your audience, and help increase your online visibility.

Craving the Support of a Team?

Running a startup can be isolating, especially when you're a solo entrepreneur. With our virtual assistants, you're not alone. We're here to support you, to bounce ideas around, and to provide the collaborative spirit you might be missing.

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Virtual assistance innovations


Unlock the pinnacle of business performance with Viranova. Your quintessential partner for virtual assistance, we unburden you from operational tasks and talent hunt, leaving you to steer the ship of growth. Experience the effortless business journey with us.

We are more than just a service provider; we are your trusted partner on the journey to success. Experience the ViraNova difference today. After all, your success is virtually assured.

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We also offer custom deals tailoring to your specific needs.

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The Launch Pad Package:Elevate your enterprise to the next level with our bespoke Launch Pad offering. This package equips you with an exceptionally skilled virtual assistant, dedicated to the growth of your business, for a mere $800 per month.This is your stepping stone to streamlined operations and elevated productivity.

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The Double Rainbow Package:Witness the vibrant hue of productivity as you double your workforce without doubling the expense with our Double Rainbow package. Avail of the services of two expert virtual assistants at an attractive rate of just $760/month per VA.

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The Power Trio Package:Experience the surge of business productivity with our Power Trio package. This offer equips you with a robust team of three dedicated virtual assistants, primed to propel your business operations, for as little as $800/month per VA.Plus, we're sweetening the deal with an extra discount. This is where efficiency and value intersect.

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The Full House Package:Imagine what you can achieve when you optimize your productivity with our premium Full House package. This top-tier offer provides you with a team of four or more dedicated virtual assistants, all working in unison to drive your business forward.Starting at just $800/month per VA, this deal comes with an additional discount, ensuring you receive unrivalled value and world-class service.

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Chief Caffeine Consumption Officer (CCCO)

Meet Cristy Polutnik, CEO & Founder BUT also responsible for maintaining high energy levels around the office, ensuring the coffee pot is always full, and exploring new brands of coffee for the office to enjoy.

Supernova of Office Supplies (SoOS)

Meet Mary Ann Dayagbil, Managing Director, her desk drawer is like a black hole, they always have an extra pen, notepad, or paper clip when you desperately need one.

Head of Plant Relations (HPR)

Meet Am-Am Pagulong, Operations and Financial Director BUT also responsible for managing the office plants. Making sure they're watered, get sufficient sunlight and talk to them once in a while (because everyone knows that plants love a good chat!).

Manager of Unexpected Shenanigans (MUS)

Meet Paparanz, Accountant and Bookkeeper BUT also organizes surprise office activities, plans pranks, and generally adds an element of fun and unpredictability to the workday.

Director of Pizza Acquisition (DPA)

Meet Gaudy, Human Resources Manager AND the go-to person whenever it's time for a pizza party or when the team craves for some cheesy delights.

Supreme Commander of Staplers (SCS)

Meet Urban, Marketing and Design Manager and also responsible for the art of refilling and unjamming staplers. No paper will go unbound in his presence.

Chairman of Chairs (CoC)

Meet Lloyd, Research and Logistics Manager, The person who always knows how to adjust office chairs for optimum comfort. Got a wobbly chair? He's on it!

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Experience the ViraNova difference today. After all, your success is virtually assured.Got Questions? In doubt?Ask us anything before booking a call!

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